This Hack Will Get You $20 Uber Credit via Facebook (Even If You Weren’t Selected)

This Hack Will Get You $20 Uber Credit

You may have seen today that Uber and Facebook have partnered up. You can now order an Uber from within Facebook’s Messenger app. The first time you do this, your ride will be free up to $20 for both new and existing users.

A few blog posts I read today describe how you should now see a Transportation tab in your Facebook Messenger app and all you have to do is click it to get your credit. Then a few bloggers said that Facebook is only testing it out now and that you had to be chosen for the offer — so if you haven’t been chosen then you might not see it until they roll it out to everyone over the next few months.

Well, I didn’t get chosen by Facebook or see the tab, but I found a way to get the credit anyway. Now I’ll get $20 off on my ride to the airport for my flight back home for the holidays.

Follow these exact steps to get your $20 credit: 

1. Download Facebook Messenger app or update to the latest version if you already have it.

2. Open the app and see if you already have the Transportation tab on the bottom menu (I didn’t).

Uber FB Transportation Icon


3. If not, send a message with any address to yourself within Facebook Messenger.

4. Click on the address and a menu will pop up.

5. Select Request a Ride from the menu.


Uber FB Request a Ride Menu


5. You’ll be prompted to log in with your Uber account or to create a new one.

6. After you log in you can hit Cancel to close the Request a Ride screen (or you can order a ride, of course)

7. Then you’ll see a message from Uber saying that the next ride you order through Messenger will be free up to $20.


Uber FB $20 Credit Success Message


Congratulations, you just got $20 off your next Uber ride — just remember to order it from within Messenger!