Raise Money for Charities Whenever You Walk Your Dog

raise money for charities by walking your dog

Does your family include a dog (or two)? What if you could help raise money for charitable causes every you time you take him or her for a walk? Well, you can.

Raise money for shelters and rescues. 

Download the Wooftrax app for Apple and Android phones and you can raise money every time you go for a walk. The app gets funding from ads and corporate sponsors and donates it to city or non-profit animal shelters and rescues.

The Wooftrax app tracks your walk using GPS, but you do need to open it and press a start and stop button before and after your walk. You can choose which organization to support by searching for one by name, city, or ZIP code. If the organization you’d like to support isn’t on the list, it can apply on the Wooftrax site.

Wooftrax divides the donations based on how many active walkers (at least one walk per week) are registered with a shelter or rescue.

While walking your dog may be a necessity, even if you don’t have a dog you can still use the app to raise money. Wooftrax lets you choose to “Walk for Cassie,” or to create a dream dog and walk on his or her behalf.

Double your impact

Since you’re exercising anyway, why not double the impact? Charity Miles is a similar concept, and it has iOS and Android apps that allow users to earn up to 25 cents per mile they run, or 10 cents per mile they bike, for a charity. (Hoping, skating, roller-blading, skipping, and other “human-propelled activities” are also acceptable.)

The apps track how far you go using GPS, but there is an indoor setting that you can use with a treadmill. The money comes from corporate sponsors. You have to choose from a list of approved charities, but there are over 30 on the list, including well-known organizations like the World Wildlife Fund, the ASPCA, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and The World Food Program.

Charity Miles donates the money at the end of each Challenge Term proportional to how much was raised on their behalf. The current term ends on May 31, and there’s $530,000 in the pool.