Improve Yourself and Make Money With These 8 Side Hustles

Improve Yourself and Make Money With These Side Hustles

There are many ways to make money online, but some are downright dreary. You can get paid a few cents to watch an ad or take a survey, and by all means do so if you want. But, it’s unlikely that watching ads will improve your life.

So, here instead is a list of online money-making opportunities that also offer personal growth.



  • How to make money – You don’t need to be an absolute expert in a subject to tutor someone else. Many students (and parents of students) are open to hiring online instructors.Some online tutoring sites, such as, have specific computer hardware requirements and may require you take a test before teaching some subjects. The website pays tutors an hourly rate based on the subject taught, with bonuses if you provide high-quality tutoring. Depending on the site, you may need to prove your expertise in an area, have a bachelor’s degree, or have a few years of college under your belt.

    The rate you can command depends on the subject and your experience. If you have a Ph.D. in a high-priority topic, such as math, you may be able to ask for more money. Money Saving Mom has an in-depth write-up with other links to many online tutoring sites. You can also try to take out the middle-man and offer direct services to students via Skype or Google Hangouts.

  • Growth opportunities – Being a teacher can be personally fulfilling because you’ll get your to watch your students improve. You can also use the opportunity to improve your social skills, brush up on the subject area, and practice your crafting and delivering informative presentations.If you’re looking for a little motivation to learn a new subject, having an end-goal of tutoring can help. You can even use the income from tutoring to offset the price of classes you’re interested in taking.


Create an Online Course

  • How to make money – Creating a class from scratch takes a lot of time and commitment. Depending on what you want to teach, you could put together a series of emails, create slideshows or an ebook-based course, record your voice, or create a video – or a combination of it all! You’ll likely need to learn new skills, such as creating a curriculum or audio and video editing. You may also need to buy software or make an investment in a new microphone or camera.To sell your course, you can host it on Udemy. The site offers free marketing and hosting, but in exchange you may give up control over your course’s price, and you’ll have to give Udemy a cut of the sales. You could also consider Teachable, a hosting option that gives you more control over pricing but you’ll need to take charge of marketing the course.

    Courses can make you a lot of money. It’s relatively passive income because aside from answering a few questions from students and updating the material occasionally, once you complete the course you can sell it over and over again. But, creating an excellent course and marketing it can take practice.

  • Growth opportunities – If you don’t have previous experience producing or selling a course, you might get thrown into the fire at first. Trying to figure out how to create and edit audio and video content, or even just written work, can be difficult. However, creating a course can also be very rewarding. And, once you have the basics down you can choose almost any topic (although some will sell better than others). This is an opportunity to share your expertise – and get paid for it.


Write Ebooks

  • How to make money – Want to share your expertise with the world? An ebook is one way to do it. Pick a topic you’re interested and knowledgeable in, create an outline, and then get writing. Try to either add a new and unique take on a subject, create a compelling story, or compile existing scattered ideas into one comprehensive text. You may want to hire someone else to design the ebook’s cover because in spite of the saying some people will judge your book by its cover.When your book is ready, you can decide where to publish it. Amazon is one of the most well-known sites and by using the Kindle Direct Publishing platform you can get your work in front of many potential buyers. You can also try to sell your book from your own website, although then you’ll need to do all the marketing and manage the delivery. The subscription service PayLoadz can help you with the electronic delivery and offers training and guidance to writers.

    Money Crashers and Tim Ferris have two helpful guides to writing, publishing, and marketing ebooks.

  • Growth opportunities – Writing a book, even a short ebook, isn’t easy. You may need to brush up on your editing skills or hire someone to proofread the book once it’s written. Ebooks can also be more fun for readers if you include illustrations or helpful charts. You can either learn and create these yourself, or hire someone to do the design work.Once you master the ebook-writing process, you can use at as an outlet to make money from almost any new knowledge or skills you acquire. Ebooks may complement online courses, so that after you study and master a subject you can teach your new schools and make money in several formats. You can also use ebooks to market your online course, e-commerce store, or tutoring offering – and vice versa.


Become an Online English Teacher

  • How to make money – If you’re a native English speaker, you have a skill that you can sell. You might be able to make $15 to $30 an hour video chatting with someone that wants to improve their English speaking skills.You can sign up and create a teacher profile on sites like italki, VerbalPlanet, TutorABC, or SkimaTalk. There are also app-based opportunities from PalFish and NiceTalk.You may need to take an English proficiency test, record a video of yourself, go through a video interview, or create a curriculum to attract students. You don’t necessarily need to have prior teaching experience, but some sites prefer it. Once you’re set up, you can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

    You might be matched with students automatically, or have to wait for a student to request your services. You may have to lower your price at first to attract students and get reviews. You can then slowly start to raise prices and try to keep a steady stream of work coming in. You could sign up for several of the sites to increase your workload, or focus on building a profile on just one or two.

    The services vary slightly and you might be matched with students automatically, or you may have to wait for a student to request your services. You may have to lower your price at first to attract students and get reviews. You can then slowly start to raise prices and try to keep a steady stream of work coming in. You could sign up for several of the sites to increase your workload, or focus on building a profile on just one or two.

  • Growth opportunities – While teaching someone else how to speak English you may discover your own speech improves. You’ll become aware of your tics – perhaps you say like, um, or uh too often – and start eliminating them from your speech. Speaking with strangers can also improve your social skills. While the other person is practicing pronunciation and learning new words, you can use the practice making small talk.You may become inspired to learn a new language rather than earn money, and you could offer free lesson exchanges to someone that’s trying to learn English. You can either use the connections you make from teaching, or try one of the sites or services that focus on free language learning opportunities.


Take Photographs

  • How to make money – Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur that just likes to snap an occasional picture, there are several ways to make money with your pictures. This isn’t an online job per se, but if you bring a camera when you travel (or carry a phone with a high-quality camera), you might be able to pursue it. Take pictures when you’re inspired, and use your time on the computer to list and promote them.Depending on the quality and subject, you may be able to list your pictures on stock sites. It’s a potential passive income stream as the photos might sell over and over again. You can also list and sell individual prints online.

    Things can get a little more fun if you decide to enter a photo contest. You’ll find yourself facing some stiff competition as the grand prize sometimes comes with a purse of $15,000. Some contests have a particular theme, such as geometric shapes or figures, music, or the weather (com runs one contest).

  • Growth opportunities – Hopefully you enjoy taking photographs and as with many art forms, practicing can improve your skills. You may find a new appreciation for your surroundings as you try to capture the moment.


Sell Old “Junk”

  • How to make money – There are dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to sell items online. Craigslist and eBay are two popular options; the latter is especially useful for collectibles while the former may be better for furniture as you’ll connect with local buyers. A yard sale during warmer months may be a simple way to start if you want to try the offline route.From online consignment shops to apps that let you upload your “closet” and list items for sale. Many apps and sites specialize in selling clothes, shoes, and accessories. Here are seven apps and sites you can try.

    Selling old items is a one-time win since you can only sell things once, but some people do turn this into a small side hustle by shopping for items at local thrift shops, garage sales, and the clearance section of grocery stores, and reselling them online.

  • Growth opportunities – You won’t necessarily learn a lot from by getting rid of your possessions, but you may find you some lasting benefits. A minimalist lifestyle can make it easier to clean the rest of your home, maintain order, and some people report they’re simply happier after getting rid of old clothes and clutter.If you take the next step and become a reseller, look forward to practicing your negotiation skills and developing an eye for what others are willing to buy.


Creating Crafts

  • How to make money – There’s something special about a homemade product. Whether it’s a candle, a knit hat, or a pair of earrings, the personal touch makes it special – and often means people will pay a little extra. If you have an interest in making crafts, but don’t know where to sell them an online shop may be a good option.There are online marketplaces for handmade goods, such as Etsy and Amazon Handmade. This section could actually be broken up into different categories because there are so many types of items you can make and sell. However, the online aspect of selling crafts can be quite You’ll have to create a profile on a marketplace site, or create your own website with a shop, take pictures of your work, and try to get it noticed.
  • Growth opportunities – You’ll likely learn several skills when making and selling crafts online. The most obvious may be that you’ll get better at your craft, but that’s just the start.You can decide to set up a shop of your own by creating an e-commerce website. For a monthly fee, you can get started with site-builders like Shopify or Wix. Whether you build your site or use a marketplace, to increase sales you have to learn how to write compelling copy and take high-quality pictures. The descriptions and images of your products should make people want to buy your goods.



  • How to make money – Finances and fitness top New Year’s resolutions year after year. Luckily, there are several ways to make money while working out. You can sign up for the Pact app and make a commitment to work out several times each week. If you miss a workout, you need to pay into a pot. When you complete your week’s workouts, you get a portion of other users’ payments.You can also put a wager on your weight loss on either DietBet or Healthy Wage. Similar to Pact, if you pay out if you don’t lose enough weight and win a portion of the pot if you do.

    To start earning serious money, you could get certified as a personal trainer and offer coaching online. Some sites, like Wello, will connect you with clients, but you need to have at least a year of experience to qualify – three years if you don’t have a fitness-related degree. You could also try building your client base, although that will likely mean starting with in-person meetings. Jonathan Goodman offers some insight into that process on his blog.If you decide to go the personal trainer route, you’ll be able to use your certification and training experience in the off-line world. You can try to find work with a local gym or fitness center, or when the weather is nice, you can host bootcamps and group workout activities in local parks (check local ordinances first).

  • Growth opportunities – You’ll be making money while doing something you should be doing, but might not necessarily enjoy. There are numerous benefits of regular exercise and in addition to increased energy and weight loss, your new “job” can help prevent or postponement the onset of serious medical conditions.