Earn Extra Cash Daily With These Mobile Apps For Your Smartphone


If you ask people if there’s one thing they can’t leave the house behind, you’ll always hear their smartphones. Nowadays, the power of smartphones seems limitless. You can send emails, buy things, do important transactions, check the weather and even check the traffic flow beforehand. However, not all smartphone owners know that these devices can do more than that.

With the number of ways you can earn money from home (link previous post here), and the growing competition working online, did you know that you can use your smartphone to help you earn more cash? Here are some apps that can do just that.


screenwise panel1. Google Screenwise Panel – In partnership with Instantly Inc., Google developed this app designed how people use the Internet.

In order to start earning cash, sign up and download Google Screenwise Panel here. Just by signing up, you can earn $6 in bonus rewards. And by staying each week, you get to collect another $3. You can earn more if you download this app on all eligible devices.

You can redeem your rewards for gift cards that you can use on different retailers such as Starbucks, Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart.

2. Nielsen Mobile Panel
– operated and developed by The Nielsen Company, this app is designed to understand how consumer uses their mobile devices, content and services.

So how Nielsen Mobile Panel works? Simple. After installing the mobile app, Nielsen observes your daily interaction using your smartphone. The longer your keep this mobile app installed on your device, the longer you’ll receive extra cash from Nielsen.

You can sign up and download the Nielsen Mobile Panel app here. Your participation as an active member can earn points worth up to $50 per year.

mediainsiders3. Media Insiders Panel – Unlike the first two apps, Media Insider focus on a much more broader aspect such as television, digital, mobile and other media. Their app is designed to interpret a user’s activities using these technologies.

You can use your Android smartphones and tablets, Kindle Fire HD, iPhone 5, iPad, Ipad mini, and iPod Touch. Once a member, you can participate on their sweepstakes worth $10,000 and other rewards ranging from $10 to $50.

receipt hog4. Receipt Hog – Consider to be one of the easiest ways to earn extra money by taking a snap shot of your receipts. By downloading this app on Google Play Store and on iTunes, it gives you the chance to earn coins or spins through their Hog Slots that can make you earn even more coins if you got chosen.

For every qualifying receipt, you’ll get to earn coins that you can redeem via PayPal or thru an Amazon e-gift card.

gympact-logo-final5. GymPact – If you are trying to lose weight and need a little boost to succeed, this app is great for you. GymPact is a free app that motivates you to lose weight and gives you money if you reach your fitness goals. Yes! You lose weight but you earn extra, money that is! If you set a penalty of $5 to yourself if you don’t reach your goals, you can earn that back plus more if you do.

You can download the app on Google Play Store and on iTunes.

6. Easy Shifteasy shift – Probably one of the most interesting and fun way to earn extra money. Easy Shift is similar to crowdsourcing, it gives people the opportunity to complete tasks in order to earn money.

Every task completed gives participants points that they can redeem via PayPal. The higher your points are, you get the chance to access more ‘Shifts’ that pays even more.

You can download Easy Shift app on Google Play Store and on iTunes.

logo_viggle7. Viggle – Do you love watching TV? How about listening to music? Did you know you can earn extra money just by doing these? Viggle, an entertainment marketing and rewards platform, allows you to do just that. Download their app on Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store and on iTunes to take advantage of of this great idea earning money.

Viggle participants earn points that they can redeem for rewards, such as digital downloads, trips, electronics, exclusive entertainment experiences, gift cards and more.

Checkpoints logo8. CheckPoints – Another popular free mobile app that offers users reward points by participating in promotional offers and doing different tasks. These tasks include checking into local business, watching advertisements, scanning barcodes, and many others. If you love grocery shopping, you might want to consider downloading this app on Google Play Store and on iTunes.

Points can be redeemed through gift cards from popular retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart.

shopkick9. Shopkick – Another popular free mobile app, just like CheckPoints, that allows users to earn reward points by performing different tasks such as going to stores like Best Buys, Macy’s, Target, Sports Authority, Old Navy, Crate&Barrel and American Eagle. Users can collect ‘Kicks’, their reward points, and can be turned into gift cards, iTunes song downloads, movie tickets, free dinners, even trips and designer bags.

Download Shopkick on iTunes and on Google Play Store to take advantage of their reward points.

PM-Logo-r110. Poshmark – Do you love fashion, clothes and accessories? This app is excellent for you. Not only it gives ideas about fashion and what’s in season, but it also gives users the opportunity to earn money. Poshmark encourages users to make money from clothes and other fashion accessories they no longer use by consigning it to stores like Buffalo Exchange.

Imagine selling your unwanted pieces and use this money to buy new things on Poshmark. It’s win-win!
You can download Poshmark app on iTunes and on Google Play Store.

Gigwalk11. GigWalk – This mobile app combines money making opportunity and your favorite time of the day, when you around shopping or dining. Gigwalk pays its Gigwalkers extra cash by snapping photos of the restaurant, creating a review, or just by doing the instructions given in the app.

You can start participating by downloading the app in iTunes or on Google Play Store. Completing the tasks may take for a few minutes to hours and pays from $3 to $100.

field agent12. Field Agent – Another mobile app that pays users by completing jobs. Users are assigned to small assignments, like taking photos or collecting data, that can be done within your area, like your local grocery store or even your own living room.

Field Agent is available to Apple users as well as to Android users. You can get paid via Paypal or Dwolla ranging from $2 to $12 each job.

iconzoomer13. Iconzoomer – Just like mobile apps FieldAgent and Gigwalk, Iconzoomer pays extra cash to users who can complete assignments by sending photos and sharing your thoughts of the product. Each assignment earns you 25 Euro cents.

Create your profile now and download Iconzoomer on Google Play Store and on iTunes.

AppTrailers14. AppTrailers – From the mobile advertising AppRedeem, AppTrailers gives users reward just by viewing videos of other mobile apps. If you have the luxury of free time, this opportunity to earn money is good for you. Rewards include gift cards from Amazon, REI, Crate&Barrel, Fandango, Macy’s, Nike, Nordstrom and Pottery Barn.

Download App Trailers on iTunes and on Google Play Stores and start earning your points now.

slidejoy15. Slidejoy – There is a mobile app that will pay users for turning their smartphone’s lock screens into digital billboards. Yes, whether you accept to view the entire ad or not, Slidejoy will still pay its users via Square Cash or PayPal.

This mobile app is only to Android users and to US residents as of the moment. You can download the app here.

logo16. ScreenPay – Just like Slidejoy, ScreenPay pays its users cash to see digital ads on their smartphone’s lock screen tailored to their interests and lifestyle. It even pays users $1 just by signing up and another $3 after 30 days of using ScreenPay.

ScreenPay is available only to Android users as of the moment. You can download the mobile app here.

17.ibotta Ibotta – If cash back coupons delights you, then this mobile app is right for you. If you love grocery shopping and earn extra cash at the same time, download and install Ibotta on iTunes and on Google Play Store to unlock your cash back rewards and start earning your rebates.


There are a lot of mobile apps that offers smartphone users the opportunity to earn extra cash. You just have to know what best fits your availability, your interests and your ability to perform the tasks required. Remember, signing up for these mobile apps is free. So why not start taking advantage of this money making opportunity today.