Amex Offers Let Cardholders Save – and Sometimes Make – Money

how to save and make money with amex offers

If you’re an American Express cardholder or considering getting a card, it can pay to learn about the Amex Offers program. These are special deals that you can add to your card, and you’ll receive money back or special extras after you make your purchase. The best part is there’s no coupon to worry about – the merchant might not even realize you used an Amex offer.

You can also stack the offers with other deals to maximize the savings. If there’s an offer for $15 off $75 at a local store, you can still use coupons or deals when you check out. As long as the charge on your card (meaning taxes are included) is, at least, $75 you’ll get a $15 statement credit. You’ll also receive rewards points if your card is part of a rewards program.

Offers can’t be applied to purchases retroactively. Learn how to find, add, and use the offers now.

 amex offers savings

There are multiple ways to get an Amex Offer added to your card.

You need to add an offer to a card before you make a purchase if you want to get the savings from an Amex Offer. You can find, and add, offers to your card in several places and ways:

  • You can log into your American Express account online, select a card, and scroll down below the statement balance and recent activity to the Amex Offers and benefits area. Add offers to your card or review the offers that you’ve already added.
  • You can browse and add offers to your card with the Amex app.
  • Connect your Amex card to a Facebook or Twitter account.
    • On Facebook, you can browse the deals and add them to your card with one click.
    • On Twitter, you need to tweet the hashtag that corresponds to a current offer. You should get a tweet back from Amex that confirms the offer was added to your card.
  • Once you connect your Amex card to a TripAdvisor account, you can review the current offers by clicking the gear icon and selecting Offer Terms and Conditions. (Here’s a direct link, no log-in required). Offers are usually related to travel, such as money back at hotel stays or during a city’s restaurant week. Sometimes you may get an offer that’s tied to writing reviews on TripAdvisor.
  • Some offers have a specific link that you’ll need to visit.

You can only add an offer to a card once, and offers aren’t always available to all cardholders. Some offers are also exclusive to the online portal or social media channels.

If you don’t see an offer on your online portal, you may still be able to get it added to your account using via a social media channel. However, the offers that show up on social media sites often have a limited the number of enrollments allowed.


More Amex cards mean more offers, but not all cards are eligible.

Some offers only appear in the online account of select cardholders or on some cards. You may even see that an offer is available on one of your cards, but not the other. Therefore, those with multiple cards have a higher likelihood of getting offers.

Not all American Express cards give you access to offers. Amex gift cards, authorized users on cards that aren’t issued by Amex, such as the Bank of America Amex card, and the Bluebird prepaid card aren’t eligible. You also can’t use corporate cards, but business cards do have offers. If you have an eligible Amex card that doesn’t appear on an account, you can still add offers with the direct link pages on via social media.


How to add offers to multiple cards.

If an offer appears on multiple cards in your account, it will disappear from all others once you accept it on one card. If this is the case, you may still be able to get the offer added to multiple cards (but not the same offer to a card multiple times) with a few workarounds.

One trick is to open multiple browser windows and go to the offer page for each card, but don’t click accept yet. Once you have each page loaded, go through and accept the offer for each card.

If you didn’t use the multi-tab or -browser trick and the offer disappears, you might still be able to get it added to a card using a social media channel. Only one card can be synced to a social media profile at a time, but you can sync and unsync your cards multiple times – or create multiple social media accounts and sync a card to each.


Examples of Amex Offers.

Some offers that are currently running include:

Spend $15 at Rite Aid and get $5 back (expires 3/30/2016)

Spend $300 at Hilton Hotels & Resorts and get $60 back (expires 4/11/2016)

Spend $10 at Hulu and get $10 back (expires 4/30/2016)

Seasons and holidays seem to influence the offers as well. With Valentine’s Day approaching there was a flood of flower-related deals:

Spend $50 at get $15 back (expires 3/9/2016)

Spend $50 and get $15 back (expires 3/25/2016)

Get 30% off your (expires 5/15/2016)

Get 25% off your (expires 5/15/2016)amex offers1

Sometimes you just need to use the card with the accepted offer on it to get the credit, but a few of the offers require you to follow a specific link and checkout with a promo code. Sometimes the offer isn’t for a dollar or percentage amount either; several hotel-related deals give cardholders the third or fourth night free. A few offers can also be redeemed multiple times, if this is the case it’ll be noted in the offer details.


Get creative when using your offers.

Try to get creative when you see an Amex offer that peaks your interest, but you don’t have an immediate need for the product or service that the store offers. One favorite tactic is to buy gift cards from the store, although read the fine print first as sometimes gift cards don’t qualify. This was an option for recent offers for $50 off a purchase of $100 at AirBnB and $15 off a purchase of $60 at Whole Foods.

Some people even use Amex Offers to make money. They buy gift cards or products and then resell them online.