7 Cheap Vacation Ideas for Adults and Families

7 Cheap Vacation Ideas for Adults and Families

Nothing beats a little leisure time. Whether you’re looking forward to making memories with friends, family, or taking some time alone, a good vacation just makes life better. Below we’ll discuss eight vacation ideas that are fit for middle-aged travelers and families.

  1. Travel Locally

There are a lot of great destinations that you can visit right inside the United States. Not only will it cost less, but you’ll get a chance to learn about the country’s national parks, history, and different communities. Here are some of the noteworthy places you can visit across the US.

  • Yosemite National Park – This well-known national park is one of the most beautiful in the country. There are lots of activities for visitors, like camping, hiking, and even skiing. You can visit the 1,200-square-milespark for only a $30 entrance fee, plus camping or lodging expenses, and enjoy the towering Sequoias, cliffs, and waterfalls. Campsites fill up far in advance, but there are some first-come-first-served campgrounds.
  • Yellowstone National Park – Yellowstone National Park is perfect for young children, teenagers, and adults alike. You can also visit Old Faithful and the surrounding colorful geysers or Mammoth Hot Springs. As one of the most popular national parks, lodging can fill up far in advance.
  • Washington D.C. – Spending a family vacation in DC can be surprisingly affordable. Many of the most popular museums, monuments, and attractions are free. Plus, everyone will learn a little more about the nation’s history.
  • Ocean City, New Jersey – If you and your friends or family love the ocean, a trip to Ocean City may be just what you need. Enjoy the boardwalk, rides, and games. In the summer months, the cost of lodging spikes right on the coast, so it’s best to choose a place a bit further from the shoreline to get better deals.
  • The Grand Canyon – One of the top tourist destinations in the United and around the world. Hike the Bright Angel or the Rim trail and gaze into the canyon’s depths. There are many inexpensive lodging options nearby, including some free campgrounds.


  1. Bring Your Child to Family Camps

Like a summer camp but for the entire family, family camps offer a getaway with traditional group activities or specific themes. Some focus on physical activities, like hiking, yoga, or backpacking, while others leave campers will new skills like salsa dancing, woodworking, or stained-glass making.


  1. Travel Closer To Home

There are also plenty of inexpensive international travel destinations. The flights may be the most costly part of the trip (which means the longer you stay, the better the deal).

  • Bangkok, Thailand – Bangkok has a thriving tourist industry that caters to budget and luxury travelers alike. Travel outside the capital for even more affordable rates, such as a place to sleep for less than $5 a night.
  • Puerto Rico – Close enough that you can find affordable flights, Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory. This means there’s no need for currency exchange, and your phone may work without any extra charges. Enjoy a mix of city and nature with visits to Luquillo Beach, Old San Juan, El Yunque Rainforest, and the Arecibo Observatory.
  • Iceland. It’s not uncommon to find cheap flights to Iceland, especially when flying from the East Coast. Wow Air offers flights from Boston or Baltimore for $99 one-way, although there may not be many seats available at that low price.


  1.  Visit Dude Ranches

For those who want to want to experience the cowboy lifestyle, dude ranches are often open all year-round. You can enjoy indoor pools, fishing, horseback riding, or play outdoor games. Perfect for family bonding without spending a lot of money.


  1. Stay On a Farm

Farm stays let otherwise city-bound children (and adults) experience gathering eggs or milking cows. Some farms have other activities, like water skiing in the summer or ice skating in the winter. You can also find farms that include cooking classes – with your freshly gathered ingredients – or adult activities like wine tasting.


  1. Take an Off-Season Cruise

You may think that cruises can be expensive, and they certainly can be, but there are ways to get great deals. Consider a repositioning cruise – cheaper and shorter one-way cruises that happen between seasons. Many offer activities and entertainment for people of any age.


  1. Relive Your Childhood at Disney World

Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? Going to Disney World is every kid’s dream, but the dream doesn’t need to die when you grow up. Why not bring the whole family and experience the magic together? Just remember to plan a trip after the holidays to save on hotels and flights. Plus, fewer crowds means less waiting in line.

Treating yourself or your family for a vacation shouldn’t break the bank. There are a lot of vacation destinations that can cater to your needs and budget at once. Start planning now, or keep an eye out for a last-minute deal on one of the above ideas.