26 Places To Use Your Student Discount

where to find student discounts

We understand that being a college student is not cheap. Paying for tuition, books, groceries, occasional nights out, and other odd expenses can be overwhelming at any time. But the good thing is there are many retailers that offer discounts to students.

Here’s a list of 25 stores that offer great discounts on clothes, food, school supplies, travel, and a lot more. Know how to take advantage of these offer and don’t forget to bring your valid student ID at all times.


Clothing and General Merchandise

There are a lot of clothing and general merchandise retailers that offer as much as 15-percent off when you present your valid student ID.

  • Banana Republic – Items can be a bit pricey at this store, but it’s a decent place to shop for internship clothing. Enjoy 15 percent off on all full-priced items in stores.
  • Ann Taylor – This store also offers 15-percent-off discounts on all full-priced items online or in stores. It’s best for those young ladies looking for some classy clothes for school.
  • J.Crew – By presenting your valid student ID, you can get a 15-percent discount on items at J.Crew and J.Crew Factory. Teachers can take advantage of this offer as well.
  • H&M – Save 15 percent on your purchases at this already reasonably priced retailer.
  • Goodwill – Goodwill offers students a 10-percent-off discount. Note that some stores only offer this promotion on Tuesday, others extend it to Monday through Friday, so it is better to check with your local store for their terms.


School Supplies and Craft Stores

Some school supplies and craft stores offer discounts and promotions in order to save money.

  •  Jo-ann Fabric and Craft Stores – Take advantage of the Student Discount Program by registering at any Jo-ann Fabric and Craft store or online. You can receive 10-percent-off on all purchases and additional two special coupons that you can use in store and online. This discount applies to any student over 14 years old.
  • Amazon – Students can take advantage of a lot of promotions at Amazon. It offers a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime, which includes a free two-day shipping on eligible products. And, if you refer a friend, you get a $10 credit.



Everybody needs food, especially when you need to stay up all night for that dreaded final exam. Here’s a short list of some of the chains that offer promotions to students.

  • Burger King – Present your valid student ID and save 10 percent off your next meal.
  • Subway – Show your valid student ID at participating Subway locations and get 10-percent-off discount on subs, snacks, and salads.
  • McDonald’s – Students can get free hamburger, cheeseburger, or McFlurry by purchasing a value meal and showing a valid student ID. This is available at many, but not all, McD locations.
  • Dairy Queen – Check out your local Dairy Queen location to find out about their Student Meal Deals – usually 10 percent off.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings – Be careful to keep the sauce off your paper or laptop while enjoying 10 percent off wings.
  • Waffle House – Enjoy your coffee and waffles with a 10-percent-off discount by showing your valid student ID at participating Waffle Houses.


Digital Services and Electronics

It’s basically impossible to go to school without a computer to research and write papers. With special student pricing, students can get gadgets at a more reasonable rate.

  • Apple – College students can take advantage of Apple’s education pricing. You can get as much as $200 off discount on a new Mac and $20 on a new iPad.
  • AT&T – By validating your email address (the one that ends in .edu) on AT&T’s website, you can register for the student discount on wireless phones and services.
  • Adobe – Adobe offers students access to its software, like Acrobat and Creative Suite, for up to 60 percent off.
  • Sprint – Sprint’s Discount Program is available to students a lot of colleges and universities in the United States and savings start at 10-percent off. Enter your school email address on their website to know if you qualify.
  • Lenovo – Students can take advantage of offers and discounts on laptops and other products by selecting their state and school on Lenovo’s website.
  • Microsoft – Microsoft’s Education Store offers discounts (generally 10-percent-off) to students of all ages on software and hardware.



Great deals and promotions await students on paper and journals. Perfect for your research and studies.

  • The New York Times – The New York Times offers special student and educator rates with different options for electronic access or paper delivery with included online access.
  • The Wall Street Journal – The paper offers ongoing deals to college students, including rates as low as $1 a week.
  • Academic Journals – Even better than a discount, most universities have subscriptions to academic journals and students receive free access.



Check out the list below and take advantage of discounts during your time off.

  1. AMC Theaters – AMC sometimes offers cheaper movie tickets to students on Thursday. Check the offers page to see if the deal is currently available.
  2. Regal Theaters – Not to be outdone, Regal theaters also offer student discounts at some locations.
  3. Museums and Theaters – If you love opera, ballet, or museums check the local venues for student rates. Most offer heavily discounted tickets to students, although sometimes you may need to settle for a limited view.
  4. Lonely Planet – Studying abroad? By using the International Student Identity Card ($4 to $25, but it offers discounts around the world), you can get a 30-percent-off discount on guides and eBooks.