Automatic Price-Drop Savings – Paribus Versus Slice
Ever make a purchase online then check back a day later and see the price dropped? Many retailers know that price fluctuations can frustrate consumers, which is why they’ll refund you the difference if you point out the discrepancy. However, keeping track of all your purchases and making the price-adjustment claims can be a hassle – so much so that most people don’t bother. Read more →
Amazon Shopping Secrets
Secrets for Shopping at
Millions of people love shopping on If you include yourself in those ranks, you may be interested in learning these money-saving tips and tricks.   Track Prices and Get Price-Drop Alerts Several services let you track prices of products on Amazon. Read more →
A Savings Account That Offers 5 Percent Interest
A Savings Account That Offers 5 Percent Interest
Finding a savings account with over 1 percent interest can be difficult today. The large banks are offering .01 to .06 percent, and getting the higher-end rates can require a large minimum balance. However, there are accounts out there that offer 5 percent interest with no minimum balance requirement. Read more →
How to avoid overdraft fees
Say Goodbye to Overdraft Fees
Checking accounts come with a variety of fees. Some of the most costly fees are associated with not having enough money in your account. Sadly, just when you need the money most, you might get hit with this extra expense. In their report, Data Point: Checking account overdraft, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) found that account holders that opt-in for overdraft coverage pay over $250 a year in overdraft and non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees on average. Read more →