Free Online Courses and Educational Resources
Free Online Courses and Educational Resources
There are a lot of great things on the internet, including free educational resources and university-level classes. Whether you’re searching for supplemental programs for your master’s program, a K-12 curriculum, or a professional education course, there are options at every level. Read more →
Do You Pay More Tax On Bonuses
Are Bonuses Taxed Extra?
A holiday bonus is a nice way for employers to show appreciation. But, every year, there are people that look down at their bonus in shock. Not because of how little or much their boss gave – but because of how much they think they’re paying in taxes. Read more →
12 ways dog owners can save money
12 Ways Dog Owners Can Save Money
As a dog owner you know that there’s almost nothing you’d do to protect and help your furry best friend. You want them to be happy and healthy as possible, and you’re likely going to pay for it. The American Pet Products Association reports that annual spending on pets in the U.S. Read more →
where to find student discounts
26 Places To Use Your Student Discount
We understand that being a college student is not cheap. Paying for tuition, books, groceries, occasional nights out, and other odd expenses can be overwhelming at any time. But the good thing is there are many retailers that offer discounts to students. Read more →
stores that always have coupons
10 Stores That Frequently Offer Discounts
Coupons, coupon codes, points, cashback, and discounts are some of the words every shopper wants to hear when they shop. After all, who doesn’t want to save money? However, these money-saving promos and discounts can be hard to come by or sometimes require a minimum purchase, or purchase of specific a brand. Read more →
Free college apps
12 Free Apps for College Students
College students looking for ways to save time and money need to look no further than their pocket. Free iOS and Android apps can simplify everything from managing email to last-minute test prep. Although some do require an in-app purchases to make the most of the app, it’s usually a small cost compared to the benefit they provide. Read more →
how to spend a windfall gain
The Best Way to Spend a Surprise Influx of Money
You get a bonus at work, a tax refund, an inheritance, or receive an exceptional gift. It’s not a life-changing amount of money, but enough that you have to stop and consider what to do next. The answer is below. Follow this simple seven-point guide to get the most bang out of your bucks. Read more →
Fun ways to save money
10 Fun Ways to Have Fun While Saving Money
What comes to mind when you think about saving money and budgeting? Maybe you think about all the things you want right now but can’t afford because they’re not in your budget. Or, if you may think about what you’re saving for and how great making that purchase will feel. Read more →