Credit report review and score
What is a credit report and why is it important?
Have you ever applied for a credit card, been rejected, and subsequently wondered why? The answer lies in your credit report. Using information about your financial history, lenders determine whether you’re a safe credit bet. Understanding more about your credit report can help you determine which types of credit to apply for, as well as your chances of success. Read more →
What information does my credit report contain?
What information does my credit report contain?
To the average consumer, credit reports can seem mysterious. There’s often many different types of information included from a number of entities over many years. The three main credit bureaus all issue credit reports. However, even reports from the 3 credit bureaus can feature discrepancies. Read more →
How applying for credit cards affects your credit score
Whether you’re new to credit, a bit of an expert, or you’ve been investigating ways to enhance your credit score, the chances are you’ve heard a lot of rumors about credit cards and how they affect your score. Credit cards have the potential to both enhance and have a negative impact on your credit score. Read more →
Best Rewards Credit Cards
Best Rewards Credit Cards
Do you know how you like to be rewarded? Whether you’re enticed by the idea of a free trip each year, or you’d like to get your hands on cash back for everyday purchases, there’s a reward credit card out there for you. Read more →
best cashback credit cards
Best Cash Back Credit Cards of 2015
When it comes to spending seasons, no quarter will eclipse the October to December period. With many of the best cash back credit cards offering generous rewards on seasonal spending, Fall 2014 is your opportunity to pocket some extra money. If you’re not enticed by the idea of earning generous cash back amounts in exchange for limited categories, don’t worry. Read more →
Best Travel Credit Cards
Best Travel Credit Cards
No two travel credit cards are made equal, which is absolutely fine, because no two travellers are made equal either. Whether you travel exclusively for business or you’re more of a world explorer, the chances are there’s a travel reward program out there for you. Read more →
Saveful’s Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards
Best Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers
If the thought of managing your existing credit card debts is starting to make your head spin, take a step back for a second. At Saveful, we’ve identified the best balance transfer credit cards out there right now. In order for a card to make our list, it needs to have a long 0% interest period on transfers, reasonable interest afterwards, and transfer fees that don’t sting too much. Read more →
Best credit card offers of 2015
Saveful’s Top 10 Credit Cards of 2015
The credit card reviews are in and our team at Saveful has put together the list of the best credit cards for 2015. Our list will help you choose the best credit card for you, whether you’re most interested in low interest, rewards, cashback or travel points credit cards.  Read more →