16 Side Hustles for Extra Income

16 Side Hustles for Extra Income

Everyone could do with a little extra cash. Luckily, earning money on the side isn’t as hard as you might thin. Whether you have a full-time job or a stay-at-home parent looking for flexible work, here are 16 ways to make extra money on the side.


  1. Sell Your Skills Online

Do you have technology, writing, or social skills? Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Sell Your Skills on Fiverr – You can offer a simple product or service on Fiverr to earn a little extra cash. How about $5 to proofread someone’s resume or cover letter? You can also offer buyers higher-priced options and upsell them on additional services.
  • Be a Social Media Manager – If you know how to manage social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, chances are someone is looking for your help. Start by offering your services to small business that want to get online and connect with their fans but don’t have the time or know-how to do it.
  • Design Websites for People or Businesses – Freelancers and small businesses are often looking for a website to showcase their offerings. If you can make or manage one for them, there’s money in it for you.


  1. Start A Blog

If you love writing, and you want to share your passion and interest, you can be a blogger. You can earn money by recommending products you like and making a commission when readers buy those products after visiting your site. You can also place ads on your site and earn money when visitors click on the ads.


  1. Review Apps and Websites

Companies need product testers to help them improve their website or app. Several services can connect you, such as BestReviewApp.com, AppTaskIt.com, and UserTesting.com. You might be able to earn as much as $10 for 20-minutes of work.


  1. Sell Your Old Clothes

Everyone has old clothes sitting in their closet. Make space and money by clearing it out. You could try selling clothes at local consignment shops, list them online, and as a last resort donate them and get a charitable tax donation if you itemized deductions.


  1. Become a Mystery Shopper

If you have extra time to spare and wants to earn extra, why not try being a mystery shopper? Some online companies can link you up with mystery shopping gigs. You’ll go undercover at local restaurants or stores and report, buy products, and report back on the experience. You get paid and reimbursed for the purchase, but depending on what you buy you may need to send the actual item back to the company.


  1. Sell Your Photographs Online

If you love taking photographs using your camera or smartphone, why not make extra cash by selling your photos online. There are now several sites that will help you list your photographs. It may not be easy to make a lot of money, but once your photos are listed, you can earn money over and over again.


  1. Tutor Students

If you know a subject particularly well, sign up to tutor students online with a site like Tutor.com or TutorVista.com. You’ll be helping students pass their tests and there’s no geographical limitations.

You might be able to make a little more by offering you services directly via Craigslist or forums frequented by parents or college students.


  1. Be a Virtual Assistant

If you want to work from home, being a virtual assistant can be a good option. Your tasks might include sending emails, answering calls, preparing reports, booking travel, or scheduling calls. You can promote yourself on Craigslist or UpWork.


  1. Recycle Your Old Phone(s)

If you are about to buy a new phone, why not try to make money from the old model? You can compare offers from online buyers and may be able to make hundreds depending on the model and condition of the device.


  1. Be a Mock Juror

Attorneys may want to practice on mock juries before heading into the actual courtroom, and they’re willing to pay you to be a mock juror. You can earn up to $60 per case as on online mock juror, and up to $150 if you do an in-person assignment. You can get added to the list of potentials on JuryTest.net, OnlineVerdict.com, and SignUpDirect.com.


  1. Get Paid for Listening to Music and Watching TV

You heard that right (pun intended). You can earn extra cash by listening to music or watching television shows with the Viggle app. SliceThePie pays you to listen to music by new artists are write short reviews.


  1. Rent Out Your Room or Your Entire House

If you have extra space in your house or if you don’t mind spending a night with your parent or friends, why not rent a room or your entire home to travelers? You can use Airbnb or VRBO to post an ad about your space and from there you can start earning extra cash every time someone rents your space. You’ll need to pay taxes on your income, tax time and money to keep the place guest-ready, and should check local ordinances to make sure renting your space is legal where you live.


  1. Rent Out Your Parking Space

Just like an extra room for rent, if you aren’t using your driveway, or you have an extra space for another car, you can rent out your parking space. Use sites like Just Park, Spot, or Money Parking to advertise for free. However, check local laws first because it’s not legal everywhere.


  1. Sell Your Junk Mail

Get too much junk mail or spam emails? Why not sell it? Small Business Knowledge Center buys junk snail mail and emails. Identifying information, such as names, account numbers, and addresses is removed before the messages are sold – often to financial services and insurance companies for “competitive intelligence and product development purposes.” You earn points for each piece of mail sent (they provide a prepaid envelope for snail mail), and once you accumulate 2,000 points, you can redeem them for a $20 Visa gift card.


  1. Install Apps on Your Smartphone

Many companies know that once you try out a new app or game there’s a chance you’ll get hooked. Because of this, they’re willing to pay you just to install and try an app. You’ll usually earn points that are redeemable for gift cards, or you can cash out via PayPal. A few to get started: AppTrailers, FusionCash, GiftWallet, Fronto, FreeMyApps, FeaturePoints, and CashPirate.


  1. Create Slogans for Companies

If you have a talent for coming up with catchy taglines or saying you may be able to make money from this skill. You can either enter a slogan contest at SloganSlingers.com or GetASlogan.com, or bid for a job on freelance marketplaces like Freelancer.com (there’s an entire slogan category there).