12 Free Apps for College Students

Free college apps

College students looking for ways to save time and money need to look no further than their pocket. Free iOS and Android apps can simplify everything from managing email to last-minute test prep. Although some do require an in-app purchases to make the most of the app, it’s usually a small cost compared to the benefit they provide.


  1. CliffsNotes

A classic study aid that’s perfect for last-minute cramming. CliffsNotes provides summaries of books and information on every plot, character, theme. Depending on how much you’ve procrastinated, there’s a cram plan and full study plan for each book. There is also an audio version available so you can listen to all info while walking to class. Note that the app is free but the CliffsNotes for each book are an additional in-app purchase – usually $1.99.


  1. Mailbox

Having a hard time keeping your emails organized? Mailbox can help you with that! It has different easy swipe commands that will keep the inbox clean, archive sent emails, set reminders, and work with multiple email accounts at the same time.


  1. iTunes U

Did you know that you can access courses from leading universities for free? Just download iTunes U and you can start learning various subjects from Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, MIT and other top schools. This might be handy if there’s a particular professor you’re having a hard time following. You might be able to find a lecture on the same topic taught by a different professor.


  1. Mint

Want to organize your money the easy way? Download the free Mint app and use it to you monitor your spending and create a budget. You can link credit or debit cards to the account and your purchases will be automatically uploaded. You can also access and edit your account and budget via a browser.


  1. Chegg

Buying new textbooks can be costly, which is where Chegg comes in. You can rent, or buy used, textbooks and save hundreds of dollars. The free app includes study guides and step-by-step solutions to quiz to homework questions from the book. You can also send a picture of a tough problem to Chegg and they’ll help you work through the answer.


  1. Any.do

Any.do is a free app that can help college students organize their tasks. It is a perfect application for student who need to synchronize all tasks with their other devices. You can add new entries with voice commands or by typing them up. There is also a premium option with added functionality for $27 a year.


  1. Feed.ly

Feed.ly is one of the best RSS aggregators. You can use it to quickly and easily organize different feeds and stay on top of the latest news. The free version includes unlimited feeds and mobile and desktop access. Premium versions starting at $65 a year allow you to join shared groups, save stories to other applications, and a more powerful search function.


  1. Studious

If you tend to forget your class schedule, tests, homework assignments, or project deadlines, this free application is made for you. All you need to do is download this app and enter your class schedule and homework assignments and it’ll take over. You can easily track assignments across classes and the app automatically silences your phone during class.


  1. Mathway

Mathway is a mobile application that will give you answers to millions of math problems, everything from pre-Algebra to calculus and linear Algebra. For a fee, ($20 a month or $100 a year) you can also get step-by-step explanations of how to solve the problems.


  1. Venmo

Venmo is a free peer-to-peer payment app that links your bank account for easy transaction. Repaying a friend for lunch, or rent, is quick and easy if you both use Venmo. When you receive money it’s kept in the Venmo account but you can easily transfer it to your linked bank account. Payments draw from your Venmo balance or a linked checking account or debit card (you can use a credit card but you’ll be charged a transaction fee).


  1. EasyBib

If you are having trouble creating with citations or a bibliography, EasyBib can help. Just enter a book’s title or scan the barcode, or enter a website and article name, and choose from one of the 7,000 citation styles. Copy the results to the end of your paper and you’re set.


  1. Brainscape

Brainscape is a flashcard app with a twist. You can create your own flashcard set online, share with friends, or can buy packs of cards created by Brainscape. While studying, you rate how well you knew the answer and Brainscape personalizes the timing of when cards will reappear. The personalized spaced repetition can double your learning speed.