How To Travel on the Cheap This Summer

Check discount airfare websites. Websites like The Flight Deal scan airline websites and Google’s ITA Matrix for airfare deals and even mispricings. You’d be surprised how often airlines mess up manually entering in the system the price of flights between city pairs. For example, there’s a great roundtrip fare on American Airlines between Chicago and Las Vegas (and vice versa) for $166, including all taxes.

Check Google Flights. Google Flights is an invaluable tool for finding awesome airfares especially if you don’t have a particular destination in mind. You can simply enter your departure airport and a date and Google will show you the price of flights to all destinations from that airport. They’ll even conveniently show the prices on a Google Map. If you’re feeling lucky, select the I’m Feeling Lucky button and they’ll show you the price of a random destination from your home airport, the price, and how that price compares to prices on the same route year round.

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Alexey Kosov
Jul 01, 2015